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  • on my childhood treasures
    We all have those childhood memories that in retrospect were clearly defining moments. For me, those moments were all wrapped up in stories. As a…
  • review: the enigma of room 622 by joël dicker (audiobook)
    Author Joël Dicker finds himself unwillingly unravelling the mystery behind the curiously missing Room 622 at the Hôtel de ­Verbier in the Swiss Alps, where…
  • on gifts for a booklover
    I adore scrolling through online stores and adding all the pretty things that catch my eye to my wishlist. With holiday season around the corner,…
  • review: the tattoo murder by akimitsu takagi
    When the body of a tattooed woman he’s secretly involved with turns up hacked to pieces, Kenzo Matsushita decides to play amateur detective and help…
  • on october’s reads
    An unexpectedly full social calendar in the month of October left me needing books that wouldn’t require me to invest too much in them. Naturally,…

Current reads

The Society for Soulless Girls
Laura Steven

Descendant of the Crane
Joan He

The Girl Who Fell Beneath the Sea
Axie Oh

The Killing of Polly Carter
Robert Thorogood