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  • on crochet: part 2
    Considering I’d started crocheting in June, I decided to make a pride scarf. Once the red panel was done, I continued with orange. My fingers…
  • on crochet: part 1
    A while ago, when sorting through some old boxes at my family home, I came across a bunch of yarn, crochet patterns, and an almost…
  • on not buying books and failing
    Back in May, I ran out of space in my bookshelves, two IKEA Billys sitting side by side. The effort it took to gently squeeze…
  • on july’s reads
    July was surprisingly full of books for me, about fifteen of them. Well, to be fair, six of those were manga. Continuing off the previous…
  • on habit points
    Over the last year, I’ve spent a considerable amount of time googling ways to build habits and be more productive. Working for myself and setting…

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The Muse
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